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Everybody loves the Snuggie

Buy 1 Snuggie with Free Book Light for $19.95 + $7.95 P&H, and Receive a Second Snuggie Absolutely FREE, Just Pay an Additional $7.95 P&H! There is a limit of 6 buy one get one free Snuggies with FREE book lights.

Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside. The Snuggie keeps you totally warm and gives you the freedom to use your hands. Work the remote, use your laptop, or do some reading in total warmth and comfort!

Super Soft, Luxurious Fleece, One-size Fits All, Available in

Burgundy Burgundy Blue Royal Blue Green Sage Green  

Buy One, Get One Free

Plus you’ll get our super-slim, totally portable Book Light with each Snuggie absolutely FREE! Stay warm from head to toe with the Snuggie Fleece Throw. Made of super-soft, thick, luxurious fleece with oversized loose fitting sleeves, so shoulders, arms and upper body remain protected from the cold but arms and hands are free to use your laptop, TV remote, read a book, talk on the phone, eat a snack and much more.

Snuggie Fleece Throw won't slip and slide like a regular blanket and allows complete freedom of movement. As the temperature drops, you can keep your heating bill low and stay warm and comfy with your Snuggie Fleece Blanket. Ideal for staying toasty warm at sporting events or chilly outdoor evenings. This cozy, super large, machine washable fleece makes the perfect gift!


"It gives you the ability to use your laptop, TV remote, talk on the phone, read a book, and eat snacks while still staying covered." - Sue, Norwalk, CT

"This blanket is machine washable which it easy to maintain. It makes a great gift as well with it's oversized sleeves and one size fits all. My kids love it! - Cynthia, Fort Meade, MD

"Feel the warmth while your covered with this comfortable fleece.  You can stay warm from head to toe with the freedom to do anything you want!" -Jessica, Chicago, IL

"My heat bill has dropped dramatically since I've been using Snuggie Blanket!" - Curtis, Sherman Oaks, CA

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